Focus on effectiveness

Focus Consulting sp. z o.o., a consulting company founded in 2013, specialises in obtaining EU grants for clients. We work for a limited number of clients with each call to maximise the effectiveness of our results. Efficiency, professionalism, and excellent customer service are the values that underpin our company.

Full assistance at every stage of obtaining a grant

Our services cover all aspects of the process, from the development of documents such as the business plan, feasibility study, or financial analysis, through effective communication with EU institutions, to the correct management and settlement of the funds received.

Current EU subsidies

Assistance in selecting the most appropriate EU competitions for your company or organisation from among the 9 national and 16 regional European fund programmes.

About European Funds 2021-27

European funds are financial resources provided by the EU to member states to support, among other things, investment, research, and training. In the 2021-27 budget, Poland is allocated around PLN 340 billion (76.2 billion EUR).

Obtaining capital for own contribution

Thanks to our experience, the network of partners, and relationships with investors, we also offer assistance in obtaining financing for an equity contribution.

Obtain an EU grant in 4 steps


Selection of relevant EU competitions

Selection of EU competitions tailored to the needs of the company or organisation


Preparation and submission of an EU application

Preparation of all documents in the application, and ongoing contact with the institutions managing EU funds


Signing of EU grant agreement

Evaluation of the agreement, and start of the disbursement of funds


Accounting and project management

Accounting for European funding received


EU funds 2021-2027

For the period 2021-2027, Poland has been allocated a record EU funding budget of around PLN 340 billion (€76.2 billion). It has been divided into 9 national funds and 16 regional programmes, with regular competitions for funding. Focus Consulting experts take it upon themselves to find the most cost-effective funding for each client. If you would like to learn more about the EU funding system, we encourage you to read the article below.

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What is Research and Development?

Research and Development (R&D) is a distinctive action path that a company can take on the way to market innovation. In many EU funding programmes, this module is essential for receiving support. Which activities fall under this category? What must a project be characterised by in order to be considered developmental?


Funding for start-ups

Are you looking for funding for your new and growing business? Or do you have an idea to start a business from scratch? In this article, we outline what the funding conditions are for start-ups. In addition, we have described the competitions in the new EU programming and national programmes that allow you to get funding for start-ups.


National Reconstruction Plan (KPO)

The National Reconstruction Plan is a program providing significant financial support to rebuild and strengthen the economy after the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation related to the possibility of payment and the size of the KPO has changed many times, and the payments to Poland were uncertain until recently. What is KPO? When will Poland receive money from the KPO? How can I get financing? We invite you to read the article to find out the answers to the above questions.