We offer full assistance at every stage of obtaining EU funding

From the identification of the optimal EU competition, through the precise preparation of the grant application, and communication with the awarding institutions, to the professional management of the EU project in progress, Focus Consulting guarantees the highest standard of services at every stage. We also serve international clients and all our services are also offered in English.

See a detailed description of our services below:


Assessment of the validity of the client's project in terms of obtaining funding

Based on a discussion with the client about the project, we will verify which EU competitions (EU programmes) will be the best for obtaining funding. Most often, we present several proposals for competitions and discuss the characteristics of each one in order to select the competition closest to the client's expectations.


Full preparation of the project application for European funding

Our services include all the elements of preparing an application, such as a business plan with a competition analysis, a feasibility study or a financial analysis. In addition, we help to draw up supporting documents such as cooperation agreements with other organisations or investment promises.


Communication with granting institutions

While the application is being processed, the institutions responsible for European funds may publish updated information and ask additional questions about the idea or company. We offer full assistance in defending the project, in presenting the project to the Project Evaluation Committee (if this is part of the call) and in providing the necessary supporting documents during the processing of the application.


Correct management and settlement of EU projects

We recommend optimal ways of managing and accounting for EU funds raised in accordance with project guidelines and offer assistance with organising tenders required by EU institutions.

Additional services


Thanks to our experience, the network of partners, and relationships with investors, we also offer assistance in obtaining financing for your own contribution. We contact our trusted investors, business angels, and investment funds and help you present your investment idea effectively.

Support in obtaining capital for own contribution


Our network of trusted specialists in various scientific/business fields will be able to make suggestions for the project, help plan R&D, among other things, and help estimate the cost and effort of the project team.

Technical verification of the project through the expert network

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We cooperate with a law firm specializing in the field of European funds, serving companies, non-governmental organizations and public institutions.

Legal assistance

Who are our services aimed at?

  • Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Large enterprises
  • Newly established start-ups
  • VC/PE funds
  • Business accelerators
  • Foundations
  • Local governments
  • Educational institutions
  • Higher education institutions (universities)
  • Research institutes